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  • Oluo

    I'm happy I purchased a lamp from BG Latitude. I'm amazed and inspired. Please let me know when the second generation of this design comes out. Dont forget to place me as a Patron in the BG Latitude virtual museum. I'm laughing because all of your crazy ideas from when we were students at Pratt are starting to come true.

  • Dorothy

    I got a lamp for my bedroom and now I want two lamps for my living room with a green base. You should come out with more designs. I'm so proud of what you are doing. Also make the cellphone charger in different colors because the drapes in my living room are peach and I want it to match. I want to get one for my son he likes Jean-Michel Basquiat Paintings.

  • Brooklyn Kev

    I purchased the wireless charger and I need one for my office desk and home and car. Also you should make desk organizers out of the same eco-friendly material. The charger reminds me of old industrial Brooklyn. I can get chargers for all of my employees if you make a flat pad version. Please send me a brochure of your services ( Architectural - Engineering BIM Drafting and IT Software development ).

BGL Wireless phone charger

The BGL cellphone charger is designed by Earl S Bell and manufactured In the New York City Metropolitan Area by BGL. This Item can be used anywhere you happen to find yourself. Take the charger to your office or keep it at home. The BGL charger can charge Iphones and most android based phones.

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Research & Development

BG Latitude as a design, service, and manufacturing company is developing plans to manufacture its own microchips in the future as many of our products will be programmed in accordance with our AI - IOT - Digital Twin future plans and contain electronics for enhanced functionality and safety. We realize that hardware and software must be under the same roof in order to accelerate innovation, quality and synergy between departments. We understand that this use to be standard operations for technology companies and we want to continue this tradition at BGL.

Let there be light

and there was light

The Inventor Earl S Bell took great lengths to store 100s of his inventions in his mind while studying Lewis Latimer and Granville woods Patents & historical documents to pick up their work to make sure the spirit of innovation continues where they left off along with his own inventions.

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The first Ecofriendly Wireless charger.


BGL is an independent family owned company that was formed by two partners with a shared vision

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    Digital Twin IOT

    Experiential Design

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