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by Earl S. Bell

NEW GREENWOOD CITY: FREEDMEN COUNTY BLACK WALLSTREET - 7.7 Trillion Dollar GDP City - Postliminy Hereditament Trajectory. by Earl S. Bell

Welcome to a journey where we explore how the immense potential of a people can be expressed in an environment that brings joy, happiness, and learning that amplifies the collective potential of everyone.

New Greenwood City is the reconstruction of Rosewood Florida, Boley Oklahoma, Seneca Village New York, Slocum Texas, Oscarville Georgia, Cahokia, Land of the Blacks ( Manhatten) New Amsterdam and the Greenwood district of Tulsa Oklahoma ( Osage Historic Territory) combined into one metropolis as authentic architectural expressions of Jazz, Blues, Rock & Roll, R&B and HipHop. New Greenwood City is a place where startups are given the appropriate amount of nutrients in order for them to succeed. New Greenwood City is a metropolis in Freedman County simultaneously In a Tribal jurisdiction allowing for semi-autonomy of African Americans who are comprised of African and Native American stock to transcend prejudice subjugation and bias. This city in Freedman County allows for the dreams and aspirations of everyone who exists inside its jurisdiction to realize their full potential. Located in tribal territory while simultaneously being in federal protection allows for the beautiful dream of those like Martin Luther King and others to see the talents of African Americans excel far and beyond what has existed in the United States and other cities because New Greenwood city is a city designed specifically for industrial tech acceleration as a form of reparations for the historical Freedman who until now haven’t been given a complete 100% chance to excel. This city is designed from the ground up to allow its inhabitants to utilize artificial intelligence and other technologies to realize their full potential. Certain aspects of the design of the city are put in place to conjure higher intelligences within the collective group of people so the collective intelligence as well as the individual intelligence is increased by merely interacting with designed features of the landscape of the town.

With incubator spaces along pedestrian walkways for entrepreneurs who want to sell merchandise to tourists in the city, New Greenwood City offers 50 to 100 square feet (about the area of an apartment bedroom) of small pods that go for the rate of 50 to $200 a month to allow for anyone who has an entrepreneurial drive to succeed. The entire metropolis from the government and municipal policies that are passed in City Hall to the infrastructure is designed to allow for families to succeed entrepreneurially and for the economic pressures that prevent families from growing at a natural rate to be canceled out. New Greenwood City allows for the individual potential as well as the collective family potential to add to the beauty and prosperity of individual communities that comprise New Greenwood City. Innovators and inventors have the ability to interact with the county funding agency directly bypassing humans to get funding for their startup no matter what their background is. When you come to New Greenwood City you have a clean slate no matter what your credit score is, no matter what your employment history is you are able to present an idea to the AI agents and receive the support you need regardless of how small your idea is.

Susie Bell's Cafe, The John Bell Barbershop, and other Bell enterprises of historic Greenwood Tulsa that carry my last name along with O.W. Gurley are key motivating factors that go into my commitment to creating beautiful indigenous solutions that are the direct result of the Freemen African American Community developing solutions for itself that activate our enate industrial capacity. When this industrial capacity is activated in a home-rule free trade zone political subdivision it will in my rough estimates be worth more than 7.7 trillion GDP yearly.

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NEW GREENWOOD CITY by Earl S. Bell Sale price$49.00 USD